We’re down to 7 remaining chefs in this season of Top Chef Canada! The race to the finish line is getting more intense, and the chefs are buckling under pressure! We’re only kidding – they’re not (but we might be, and we’ve just been watching from the comfort of our living rooms!). The stakes are high and the challenges are stressful, making for a very entertaining season. If you missed last night’s episode, you can always watch Top Chef Canada online. That being said, if you’re not caught up, we suggest you beware of spoilers, because here they come:


For the Quickfire Challenge, the chefs were introduced to their guest judge: one of Canada’s top mixologists, Frankie Solarik. Their challenge was to create a dish inspired by one of 7 classic cocktails (everything from mojitos to whiskey sours). Since immunity is now off the table, a $5000 cash prize was up for grabs. The winner of this challenge was Dennis, who created a gorgeous Coffee and Chocolate Pot de Creme with Minted Whip Cream, inspired by a Black Russian. A decadent dessert made in under an hour is no easy feat, so a big congratulations goes out to Dennis for pulling that off beautifully!


Next up: the Elimination Challenge. The chefs were taken to the Toronto Zoo, where they each had to create a dish for a 7-course tasting menu, and every dish was to be based on the diet and region of a specific animal. The guest judge for this challenge was chef-owner of INK and winner of Top Chef: Las Vegas, Michael Voltaggio. It seemed that Nicole was having no luck this week; not only did she come down with a cold, but she drew the African gorilla, an animal and region she knew nothing about. Talk about stress!


In the end, Jonathan and Matthew came out on top, having created the best dishes. Unfortunately, Caity‘s disjointed liver and foie gras dish could not be resurrected and cost her a spot in the competition.


Do you think the right person went home? Let us know by tweeting us @FoodNetworkCA and check out the dishes from this episode’s Elimination Challenge below.