I’m more fond of the playful side of Halloween as opposed to the spooky side — although my house is rumoured to be haunted (it’s an old Victorian home and doesn’t need much help getting dressed up for Halloween).


Photos courtesy of Anna Olson

Our street really does Halloween in style; with lots of kids in the neighbourhood, the trick-or-treating starts right at dusk and doesn’t let up for three hours.  Along the way, we see some stunning costumes, and food is always on trend!  Here are the top five food Halloween costumes I’ve seen:

1. Bacon: My friend’s son, Walker, is obsessed with bacon, so of course it makes sense for him to dress up as his favourite thing on the planet.

2. Cakes and Cupcakes: If you come to my door dressed as a sweet treat, you can guarantee that I’ll toss an extra handful of sweets in your goodie bag. My friend’s daughter, Ruby, went all out with the tiered confection above. How sweet!

3. Lobster in a Pot: Our neighbour came by one year with her 6-month-old dressed as a lobster dropped into a stock pot— and her older sister was dressed as the chef who put her in there.

4. Popcorn: I’ve seen a single kernel (yellow outfit with puffy white kitchen bags tied on) and a box (striped box with clear bags filled with popcorn on top). Very economical and creative!

5. Jolly Green Giant: We happened to be taping Bake with Anna Olson on Halloween one year, and our Director of Photography arrived dressed in head-to-toe green, an exact replica of the asparagus spear giant. At least, I assume that’s what he is…

If raiding your kids’ bag of Halloween treats isn’t an option, I have some delicious goodies that taste just like your favourite classics:


Chocolate Covered Caramel Bars
Shortbread cookies are topped with gooey caramel and dipped into chocolate. This takes a little work but it’s beyond worth it!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Whoopie Pies
If you love a good peanut butter cup, this treat is for you: peanut butter frosting sandwiched between chocolate cake cookies.

Chocolate Macaroons
These chewy, not-too-sweet cocoa and coconut candies are always a fan favourite .