Deep Six Parfaits

  • prep time10 min
  • total time 10 min
  • serves 4

Totally creepy kid stuff. For a more grown-up version, skip the candy garnishes and add a drizzle of raspberry liqueur.

Courtesy of Signe Langford

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Directions for: Deep Six Parfaits


1 ½ cup dark chocolate chips

¾ cup 35% cream

½ cup chocolate wafer crumbs

½ cup frozen, thawed raspberries


1. In a double boiler or bain Marie, melt chocolate and using a whisk, add cream. Blend until perfectly smooth with no lumps. Mixture will thicken and become semi-solid as it cools.

2. While still warm and liquid, transfer to parfait, wine or champagne glasses – filling slightly more than half way up. Set aside and let cool.

3. Once cool, add a layer of raspberries, then a layer of cookie crumb 'soil'. Garnish with 'grass', 'boulders' and a cookie tombstone.

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