5 ways to cook with kale

Loaded with beta-carotene and other nutrient-rich antioxidants, it’s no wonder why kale is known as a miracle food. It’s the perfect ingredient for year-round cleanses, and an easy way to gain a glowing complexion. So what’s the problem? Well, if you’re anything like us you’ve probably heard the bad news – it tastes like a chewy garden.

The truth is we completely agree… but it doesn’t have to. We’re here to tell you (and show you!) it’s possible to still gain all those vitamins and detox benefits from the super-green, while actually enjoying it. Like, really enjoying it.

From tasty salads to zesty enchiladas, here are five must-copy ways to cook with kale.

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1. Kale Salad
The perfect mix of sweet and tart, this kale salad recipe with grapes, hazelnuts and scallions is our ultimate go-to for lunch.

– 8 cups chopped dinosaur kale (ribs removed)
– Juice of 1 lemon
– ¼ cup extra-virgin olive oil
– ¼ cup chopped scallions
– ? cup chopped hazelnuts
– ½ cup slice grapes
– Coarse salt and ground black pepper

Step One: In a large bowl, whisk lemon juice and olive oil, then add kale. Toss to coat, then add scallions, hazelnuts and grapes. Season with salt and pepper and toss again before serving.

2. Millet, Kale and Lemon Risotto
Hot, rich and filling, this millet risotto is a great option for lunch or dinner sides.
Click here for ingredients and directions.

3. Kale, Zucchini and Pinto Bean Enchilada
For a food everyone’s bound to love, this spicy vegetarian enchilada recipe is a great choice for everything from family dinners to party apps.
Click here for ingredients and directions.

4. Kale and Sweet Potato Soup with Cheese Croutons
A cold-weather favourite, this comforting food is an ideal choice for lunch or dinner.
Click here for ingredients and directions.

5. Chili Kale Chips
Replace your guilty pleasure with a healthy option, like opting for these spicy kale chips instead of those greasy potato chips.
Click here for ingredients and directions.


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