DIY: Christmas Cookie Décor

Deck the halls with boughs of baked goods! Turn cookies into edible and delicious holiday décor that doubles as dessert with three fabulous DIY ideas.

Cookie Ornaments
Create gorgeous and edible ornaments that can be used as napkin rings, party favours and Christmas tree décor.

Materials: Icing sugar cookie dough and royal icing ingredients, rolling pin, cookie cutters, chopstick, squeeze bottle or small icing tip, sprinkles, scissors, ribbon.

Cookie Ornament Materials


STEP 1: Bake
Follow the recipe’s instruction to make the dough. Roll out the dough and cut out desired cookie shapes. Place onto lined baking pan. Create a hole for the ribbon by poking the large end of a chopstick through the cookie in desired spot. Follow the recipe’s instruction to bake cookies and let cool.
STEP 2: Decorate
Follow the recipe instructions to make royal icing in your desired colours. I made green and red. Decorate your cookies using royal icing and decorations such as candy cane pieces, shimmer dust, edible glitter and silver balls. Let royal icing harden.
STEP 3: Ribbon
Cut a piece of 15-inch ribbon for each cookie ornament. String the ribbon through the cookie holes and tie a double knot to secure it. Tie the remaining ribbon together with a double knot to create the ornament hanger. Secure with a bow and trim off any excess ribbon.


Cookie Ornament Steps


Christmas Cookie Tree Centerpiece
Sweet sugar cookies are stacked to create an edible Christmas tree that would be the star of any holiday table.

Materials: Icing sugar cookie
dough and royal icing ingredients (you will only need a small amount of
icing, so may want to half the recipe), rolling pin, star-shaped cookie
cutters in four different sizes, 10-inch cake stand or cake base, green
cake graffiti (available at craft stores), squeeze bottle or small icing
tip, sprinkles for the cookie tree topper (I used silver ball sprinkles
and edible gold shimmer).
Cookie Tree Centerpiece Materials

STEP 1: Bake
Follow the recipe instructions to make the dough and royal icing. Roll out the dough. Use your cookie cutters to cut the dough into stars. Make 5 big cookies, 8 medium cookies, 10 small cookies, and 8 extra small cookies, for a total of 31 cookies. Follow the recipe’s instruction to bake cookies and let cool.
STEP 2: Paint
Cake graffiti is basically edible spray paint, and it’s the easiest and quickest way to colour these sugar cookies green. Here’s how to do it: lay out parchment paper and place star shaped cookies on top, omitting one extra small cookie. Spray them with green cake graffiti and let dry. Decorate the extra small cookie for the tree topper with royal icing and sprinkles as desired. Let icing harden.
STEP 3: Stack
Stack the cookies on top of the cake stand, following this pattern from bottom to top: 3 big cookies, 6 medium cookies (2 over each big cookie), 9 small cookies (3 over each medium cookie), 1 big cookie, 6 extra small cookies (3 stacks of 2), 1 big cookie, 2 medium cookies, 1 small cookie, 1 extra small cookie. Lastly, use royal icing to adhere the cookie tree topper to the top cookie on the tower.


Cookie Centerpiece DIY


Gingerbread House Garnish
A seasonal favourite shrinks down for the perfect hot chocolate garnish. These little gingerbread houses make for an adorable and impressive dessert presentation.

Materials: Gingerbread cookie
dough ingredients, ruler, pencil, paper, scissors, rolling pin, knife,
gingerbread royal icing ingredients (icing sugar, water, meringue
powder, cream of tartar), decorations, squeeze bottle or small icing
Gingerbread House Garnish Materials

STEP 1: Plan
Follow this recipe’s instruction to make the dough. Make a construction template by cutting paper pieces per the measurements:
Wall: 6 cm x 4 cm
Front: 4 cm x 4 cm square and 3.5 cm x 3.5 cm triangle (6.5 cm from top to bottom)
Front door slit: 2 cm x 1 cm
Roof: 6.5 cm x 4.5 cm
STEP 2: Bake
Roll out the dough and use the template to cut out cookie shapes by tracing around the templates with a knife. You will need two of each shape to create one mini gingerbread house garnish. Follow the recipe’s instructions to bake the cookies. Let cool.
STEP 3: Glue
To assemble the gingerbread house, stir together the following ingredients:

2 cups icing sugar

¼ cup water

1 heaping tablespoon meringue powder

½ tablespoon cream of tartar

This will create a thick, fast-drying icing. First spread the icing onto the walls and front, and adhere them together. Let harden. Spread icing onto either side of the roofs and adhere to house base. Let harden. Decorate as desired.

Gingerbread House Garnish


Now you’re ready to deck your halls with delicious décor!