herb wreath


– 14″ grapevine wreath
– Fresh herbs (Rosemary, tyme, sage and bay leaves)
– Florist wire or Rubber bands
– Scissors
– Radishes for garnish

Note: Choose herbs that will dry on the wreath, instead of ones that will shrivel and die. Rosemary, thyme, sage and bay leaves will keep their shape and scent. Avoid herbs like basil, parsley or mint, which wilt within a few hours out of the refrigerator.


1. Divide herbs into mini bunches and wrap wire around the ends (or alternatively, tie with a rubber band). Since bay leaves are loose, you will need to attach them together. Arrange them in a fan shape and thread 12 inch wire through each one. Excess wire will help wrap leaves to wreath base.

2. Cut 12 inches of florist wire and thread it through herb bunches. Place the herb bunch on the wreath and wrap the wire around the back, twisting the wire ends to secure them. As you add more herb bunches, make sure you overlap them so each one hides the wire on the one before.

3. For this wreath, mix different herbs, using 3 bunches of each herb and repeat the pattern twice.

4. Once all herb bunches are attached, position the radishes, loop wire around each bunch and twist the wire ends to secure them.

5. After you are finished, cut any excess wire and tuck the ends underneath the branches as they could scratch your door.