We spoke to some of our top Food Network Canada stars to find out the most coveted items topping their holiday wish lists this year.


Anna Olson
Anna Olson likes to keep it simple for Christmas by focusing on spending time with loved ones rather than exchanging lots of gifts. But if there’s one thing the queen of baking would like to receive this year it would be a series of yoga classes— if she received them as a gift she wouldn’t make excuses not to go!

Mark McEwan
Mark keeps it practical with the item he’d most like to see under his tree this year— he’s hoping for a new cologne to replenish his recently depleted supply. Let’s hope Santa’s taste in scents is as good as his taste in cookies!

Lynn Crawford
Santa and his elves will have to work hard to get Lynn her wishlist item this year. The Chopped Canada judge and Great Canadian Cookbook host wants her kitchen renovations to be done in time for Christmas.

Roger Mooking
This busy food host has a full schedule between judging Chopped Canada, travelling the world and creating music with his Juno-award winning band. So what Roger would like most is to wake up and find a special restaurant menu he’s saved, is framed and ready to be hung.

Michael Smith
Chef Michael Smith’s top choice for a holiday gift has to do with his favourite hobby (outside the kitchen, that is!) He’d like a high definition video drone to film his kite sailing adventures with his buddies, as well as take great aerial shots of his garden, farm and The Inn at Bay Fortune fireworks.

Ricardo Larrivée
Ricardo knows he’s a lucky guy so his top wish is for his wife and kids to remain healthy and happy. Other than that, this celeb chef appreciates the little things— “I love when my loved ones listen throughout the year and take notes. I’ll talk about book that I never bought. They’ll remember that I wanted to read it. It is not about big things, it is about a small things. That makes me really happy.”