The Gadget Lover

Having the right tool for any culinary job makes cooking an adventure.

 Gift Ideas for the Gadget-Lover


1. A Real Grind

No need to pull out the food processor when all you need is a cup of ground almonds, right?

RSVP Hazel Nut Grinder, $34. Available at Kitchen Heaven.

2. The Bomb

Designed to hold spices and infuse flavour without the hassle of fishing out woody stalks and bitter leaves later.

Ad Hoc Spice Bomb, $25. Retailers available at Browne Retail.

3. Whisked Away

This butterfly whisk has silicone wires that won’t damage a non-stick pan. And let’s face it, it’s just so much more fun.

Kuhn Rikon 2372 Silicone Butterfly Whisk 10-Inch, $20. Available at

4. Smart Set

Listen to music, look up recipes and videos, or even video-chat with your mom to ensure those cabbage rolls turn out right. This iPad dock does it all.

Williams-Sonoma Smart Tools for Mini iPad Set, $252. Available at Williams-Sonoma.

5. Chill Out

No more guessing if the wine is perfectly chilled; this easy-to-read digital thermometer will tell you.

Wine Thermometer Jacob Wagner, US $35. Available at MoMA Store.

6. Set Standards

This high-quality starter gadget set has it all; from pizza cutter to ice cream scoop, peeler to cheese plane and can opener. It also makes the perfect housewarming gift.

Calphalon Gadget Essentials Set, $51. Available atCalphalon.

7. Egg Obsessed

On salads, with toast or a classic Benny, this set makes for practically perfect poached eggs every time.

Cuisipro 2 pc Egg Poacher Set, $16. Available at Kitchen Heaven.

8. Sandwich Maker

This all-in-one gadget makes diner-style breakfast sandwiches without mucking up every tool in your kitchen.

Hamilton Beach 25475C Sandwich Maker, Silver, $22. Available at

9. Stay Sharp

A chef is only as good as his sharpest knife. This water sharpener ensures an always A-game.

Water Knife Sharpener, US $76. Available atMoMA Store.

10. Check It

This state-of-the-art thermometer lets you check the temperature of your roast from your phone, so you’re not stuck babysitting it.

iGrill, $80. Available at Chapters.