Toronto is littered with farmers’ markets. If you’re looking for fresh, local, organic, artisanal produce, crackers, breads, jams and chocolate, you’re in the right place. As a city, our appreciation for hand-made, artisan, from-scratch goods is at an all-time high. People are flocking to the nearest farmers’ markets to get a taste, and with the weather warming up, visiting a farmers’ market is the perfect thing to do on a summer day.


1. Farmer’s Market: Brickworks Farmers’ Market

When: Saturday, 8am-1pm
While arguably one of the biggest farmers’ markets in the city, Brickworks is a gorgeous space with a commitment to supporting the local food economy.

Who to Look Out For:

Doug McNish Vegan Inc.
Doug is a talented, masterful vegan chef whipping up seasonal, delicious meals and desserts. While he caters to the vegan, gluten-free and organic crowd, you do not need to be vegan to enjoy his wonderful creations, especially his super-food chocolate clusters. With food that’s healthy and delicious, who could ask for anything more?!

2. Farmer’s Market: The Stop’s Farmers’ Market at Wychwood Barns

When: Saturday, 8am-12pm
Another big farmers’ market in the city, The Stop is open in the winter and the summer. In the summer all of the vendors are outside encircling the building. You get a wide selection of organic, local meats and lots of freshly baked goods.

Who to Look Out For: Earth & City
The ladies at Earth & City know how to do it right, creating some of the best fresh, raw food in the city. They dehydrate, soak and sprout their food to maintain the nutrients as much as possible. Not only is their food densely nutritious, but it is also incredibly tasty. Look out for their raw macaroons; they are to die for!

3. Farmer’s Market: Dufferin Grove Farmers’ Market

When: Thursday, 3pm-7pm
A beautiful park houses this farmers’ market. With a cute children’s garden and lots of green space, this is a great place to spend the afternoon, especially after stocking up on your necessary market edibles.

Who to Look Out For: Chocosol
Chocosol is much more than just chocolate; they are a community that produces sustainable, artisanal chocolate, sourcing many of their ingredients locally. Their chocolate is pure, free of gluten, dairy, soy and nuts. They also specialize in drinking chocolate and gourmet stone-ground tortillas. The tortillas only come around every so often so be sure to catch them on Thursdays in June.

4. Farmer’s Market: Trinity Bellwoods Farmers’ Market

When: Tuesday, 3pm-7pm
In one of the best parks in the city, this farmers’ market sits at the northwest quadrant of the park. It houses fresh organic produce, pickles, preserves, cheeses and crackers. This is a fairly new market compared to the rest and it is certainly gaining a ton of momentum.

Who to Look Out For: Evelyn’s Crackers
Ed and Dawn are the brains and brawn behind Evelyn’s Crackers. These unique, delicious heritage crackers are just one of the many products they offer. Don’t forget to look out for their hummus and lavender shortbread. Ed and Dawn have a strong commitment to supporting organic farmers in Ontario and bringing heritage grains back into our diets.

There are many, many more farmers’ markets in the city and with one in almost every neighbourhood there is no excuse not to go explore, grab some fresh, local grub and enjoy the lively atmosphere.

tamara-green-living-kitchen Tamara Green is co-founder of The Living Kitchen, and a Holistic Nutritionist and Natural Cook. She combines her knowledge of nutrition and passion for cooking good food to work with clients to create lasting changes in their lives.