Need some new and exciting ways to eat all that fresh fruit? Here are some delicious recipes packed with your favourite in-season fruits!

Dip it real good: Cover bananas in chocolate or dip apples in some melted peanut butter. You’ll never want to eat plain fruit again.

Peanut Butter Yogurt Dip & Fruit Sticks with Chocolate Dipping Sauce


Salad add-ins: Fruit in salads has become the norm and not just because it’s healthy—it’s super yummy too.

Creamy Citrus, Berry and Jicama Salad

Drink ‘em: Fresh fruit smoothies are tough to resist (it almost feels like you’re eating dessert for breakfast).

Summer Sunshine Smoothies


Morning topper: Toss some fruit (blueberries, peaches or bananas are great choices) in your oatmeal, or on top of cereal, pancakes or waffles.

Chocolate Griddle Cakes with Cinnamon Peaches & Apple Pie Oatmeal with Almond Foam


Fill that sandwich: Apple and cheddar go hand in hand, and they taste even better in a sandwich.

Apple Cheddar Chicken Sandwiches

Chop it up: Most people are prone to using veggies in their homemade salsa, but many fruits (like mango or peaches) really liven up dip.

Power Play Crab Cakes with Peach Salsa


Bake a pie (or cobbler): Who doesn’t love fresh fruit combined with buttery, flaky crust or that sweet, crumbly topping?

Lisa’s Peach Almond Crumble & Frosted Raspberry Hand Pies


Purée all the way: Chilled fruit soups are the perfect summer appetizer or better yet—dessert.

Chilled Hungarian Cherry Soup

Make a parfait: Top your morning or afternoon yogurt with some fresh fruit and granola—it wouldn’t hurt to add a dash of cinnamon into the mix too.

Decadent Yogurt Parfait with Sucre a la Creme Coulis


Fruitify your dinner: Many fruits pair perfectly with meats like chicken and pork. Don’t be afraid to add a sweet element to your savoury dish.

Plum Maple Pork Chops & Pear and Brie Quesadillas with Cranberry Salsa