herbs to grow inside

There are two things us city bargainers look for at the grocery store: 1) fresh, organic produce, and 2) naturally, the most bang for our loonie.

If we could grow a garden filled with fruits and veggies on our five-foot balcony, we would. But for now, what we can do is grow a few of our favourite herbs for an endless supply of the ingredients we always seem to be buying… and all we need is a sunny windowsill.

To assist you in starting your own indoor potted garden, we’re identifying the five easiest and most practical herbs you must start growing now. Aside from adding that just-picked taste of goodness to all your meals, these potted greens also add an instant dose of style to your living quarters, while offering a refreshing, springtime fragrance. Talk about a good deal.


Put those herbs to good use with a few of our favourite recipes:

1. Basil: For an quick and easy recipe for sauce, try our Lazybones Marinara sauce. | 2. Parsley: This Garlic and Parsley Mashed Potatoes recipe is a must-try. | 3. Oregano: Make your own salad dressing with this easy recipe for Oregano Dressing. | 4. Rosemary: Try our recipe for Italian Baked Chicken with Fusilli and Mixed Beans. | 5. Mint: Craving a refreshing cocktail? You need to make Douglas Rodrigeuz’s Signature Mojito.



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