Broth is hot right now. Yeah, we know, it is meant to be served hot, but as the winter chill sets in, the newest food trend is really heating up.

The simple, comforting liquid that is the base for soups, stews and sauces is finding a following as more than just an ingredient. Food lovers are sipping broth on it’s own and restaurants like Brodo Kitchen, in Penticton, B.C. are serving liquid gold to customers eager for a comforting, winter pick-me-up. In New York, bone broth bars have become the new coffee shops as cafes sell cups of broth to cold commuters on the go.

What is bone broth? It’s both broth and stock. Broth is made from cooking meat and vegetables in water, forming a light, flavourful liquid you can sip on it’s own. While stock is created from slowly simmering bones for hours to extract the gelatin. The rich, concentrated liquid is often used to flavour soups, sauces and gravies. Bone broth, a hybrid of the two, is a lighter, sip-able liquid with all the goodness and flavour of slow-cooked bones.

Warm yourself from the inside out by making souper-flavourful broth right at home. Whether you enjoy it on it’s own, make a pot of soup or freeze it, these three fantastic recipes are ones you’ll make over and over, all winter long.

Chicken broth

Liquid-Gold Chicken Broth
A whole chicken plus the chicken bones make for a rich, stock-like broth. The best part of this recipe is you have both chicken meat and flavourful, clear broth at the end. Tip: Save leftover chicken bones in your freezer, then use them when you’re ready to make the recipe.

Beef Broth
Roasting oxtails, short ribs and beef bones are a great way to add depth to the flavour of your broth and give it a deep brown colour. Oxtail is a tough and bony cut of meat that releases immense flavour when slow-cooked. Tip: Freeze stock in 1-cup portions, which will come in handy in many recipes.

Miso Broth
A simple, vegetarian broth you can make in a matter of minutes. Miso is mild-tasting paste made from fermented beans and is a mainstay in Japanese cuisine. A mug of this flavourful broth is the perfect way to warm yourself up after coming in from the cold.

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