If your boss is on your case, your kids are driving you up the wall, or you waited 20 minutes for a cab in the rush-hour rain, channel your rage with a mortar and pestle!

This pulverizing duo will pummel and combine a whack of flavour (excuse the pun…) for sauces, spice blends, dips and marinades; an electrical shock for the tastebuds, with no power outlet required. Pound it out with one of these smashing recipes:

1. Roast Chicken Spice Rub  2. Dried Plum Pesto  3. Spicy Tamarind Sauce

4. Homemade Chili Powder  5. Roasted Ocean Trout with Tandoori Spices

6. Traditional Italian Pesto  7. Mint Gremolata  8. Green Olive Tapenade

9. Chimichurri  10. Garlic Breadcrumbs  11. Garlic Mayonnaise

12. Avocado Corn Guacamole  13. Salsa Rojo en Molcajeto 14. Harissa

15. Mexican Spiced Compound Butter  16. Gravlax Curing Salt Blend