It’s time for our weekly top 5 post, and this time we’re prepping you for Passover this Monday, March 25th and Tuesday, March 26th, with 5 delicious Passover-friendly recipes. Make sure to also check out our complete Passover Menu.

1. Riccardo Larrivee’s Apple Chips


First up on our list are these yummy apple chips by Ricardo Larrivee. They make a wonderful midday snack that’s delicious as well as nutritious.

2. Spiced Brittle


Michael Smith‘s spiced brittle recipe is super easy to make and only takes about 20 minutes in total. If you’re a fan of treats that aren’t overly sweet, this recipe is perfect for you!

3. Meringue Cups


These adorable meringue cups by Trish Magwood are seriously gorgeous and only require four ingredients to make. What more could you ask for?

4. Cocoa Macaroons


Cocoa macaroons, courtesy of Anna Olson, are a fantastic way to please the coconut-lover in your family. Bonus: they take a mere 20 minutes to bake!

5. Anna Olson’s Chocolate Truffles


Chocolate truffles are such a classic treat that it’s hard for anyone to say no to them. With so many different flavour possibilities, you can have fun in the kitchen with these!