french cuisine

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, there seems to be no better time to try your hand at one of the most romantic international cuisines: French. We’re shining the spotlight on France and counting down our top 10 recipes that are sure to impress your sweetie.


1. Blue Cheese and Dried Fruit Terrine Recipe

2. Ruth Daniels’ Salad Nicoise Recipe

3. Mushroom Bisque Under Puff Pastry Dome Recipe

4. Foie Gras with French Lentils, Truffles and Celery Cress Recipe

5. Michael’s French Onion Soup Recipe

6. Veal Pot au Feu Recipe

7. Stuffed Baguette with Sundried Tomato Tapenade Recipe

8.  Pain Perdu Recipe

9. Creme Brulee Recipe 

10. Cheese and Herb Souffle Recipe