maple syrup recipes

While many basketball fans may be patiently awaiting the beginning of March Madness, we’re choosing to celebrate Maple Madness instead. Rather than basketball teams, we focus on delicious recipes filled with sticky, irresistible maple syrup. And instead of single-elimination tournaments that pits teams against each other to eventually crown one winner, we take a more inclusive approach and just eat everything.


1. Maple Espresso Baked Lentils Recipe

2. Maple-Baked Apple Bites Recipe

3. Maple-Mashed Sweet Potatoes Recipe

4. Maple Pecan Tart Recipe

5. Rack of Pork with Maple Glaze Recipe

6. Maple Dijon Chicken Recipe

7. Maple Syrup Dumplings Recipe

8. Chuck’s Maple Ice Cream Recipe

9. Maple Bacon Cupcakes Recipe

10. Spicy Maple Pumpkin Pie Recipe