It’s Top 5 time again and this week, we’re definitely in the Thanksgiving spirit. While turkey will be getting most of the attention this weekend, make sure you and your guests save some room for dessert (it’s the best part, after all!). These are our top 5 pumpkin recipes from the past year (according to website stats).  Happy Thanksgiving!


1. Anna Olson’s Pumpkin Pie


First on the list is this yummy-looking pumpkin pie (with whole wheat crust – bonus!) by Anna Olson. This will be a hit with your Thanksgiving dinner guests.


2. Perfect Pumpkin Pie


Next up is another varation on classic pumpkin pie, from (who else?) Anna Olson once again. With pie filling that is essentially pumpkin-flavoured custard, this will have your guests asking for seconds.


3. Pumpkin Carrot Muffins with Vanilla Frosting


Who says Thanksgiving dinnner has to end with pie? Surprise your guests with delicious pumpkin carrot muffins with vanilla frosting. Healthy and tasty? Sign us up!


4. Warm Pumpkin Sticky Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Whipped Cream


Can you even handle how amazing this pumpkin sticky toffee pudding looks? We can’t. Lynn Crawford has inspired us to try this out on Thanksgiving weekend.


5. Anna’s Tender Pumpkin Muffins


Our current Bake Off challenge (you have up til October 17th to enter!) features these scrumptious pumpkin muffins. Simple and sweet, these are a great way to cap off a meal.