Almond-Crusted Steelhead Trout

  • serves 2

Two steelhead trout fillets served with lobster tortellini garnished with crispy ham and a butter and herb emulsion.

Courtesy of Chef Paul Moran for the Hawksworth Young Chefs' Scholarship.

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Directions for: Almond-Crusted Steelhead Trout


2 150 g trout fillets

20 g almonds

60 g cured ham

1 whole Atlantic lobster

50 g fresh fennel

100 g fresh hearts of palm

150 g butter

25 mL white wine vinegar

5 g mixed herbs, chopped

1 lime

20 mL olive oil

200 g flour

4 eggs


1. Prepare a pasta dough recipe and incorporate with raw lobster coral. Blanch, shell and chop lobster tail and mix with fennel and butter. Form tortellinis and cook for 5 minutes.

2. Prepare a variety of fresh garden herbs and chop finely. Emulsify a high quality wine vinegar with butter and herbs, keep in a warm but not hot area of stovetop.

3. Shave fennel and fresh hearts of Palm on a Japanese mandolin. Mix in a bowl with lime zest and juice, salt, olive oil and chopped toasted almonds.

4. Thinly slice ham and gently fry in olive oil and butter until completely dry; set aside once crisp.

5. Finally coat trout fillet with finely grated almonds, salt and pepper. Cook in a non-aggressive manner in a non-stick pan skin side down. Turn fish very briefly once it has reached blood temperature.

6. Arrange all of the components naturally on a hot plate and serve.

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