Avocado Toast with Scrambled & Basted Eggs

Food Network's Avocado Toast with Scrambled & Basted Eggs
Food Network’s Avocado Toast with Scrambled & Basted Eggs, courtesy of Jennifer Woike in partnership with BC Egg.
15 min

Elevate your avocado toast with some eggs, goat cheese, and aromatic cilantro to start your day off on the right foot!



Salt and pepper
Lime juice
Goat cheese


Step 1

Pick great avocados. You want ripe but not over-ripe Hass avocados. Look for avocados that yield a bit to a gentle squeeze, but avoid using avocados that are mushy or stringy on the inside. If you run into any bruised or brown bits when you cut them open, scoop those out and discard before mashing the rest.

Step 2

Buy good bread and toast it well. I think sturdy, thick-sliced, whole grain bread make the best avocado toast. Golden, well-toasted bread offers a sturdy base and a crisp, shattering contrast against the creamy avocado.

Step 3

Mash your avocado separately. Mashed avocado is more creamy and luxurious than sliced avocado (think guacamole vs. plain avocado). But don’t mash it on the toast! You risk poking holes in your toast or smashing it. Cut your avocados in half, remove the pit, scoop the flesh into a bowl or onto the side of your plate, and mash it up with a fork.

Step 4

Don’t forget the salt. You’ll want to mix in at least a pinch of salt per avocado half. Bonus points? Finish your avocado toast with a light sprinkle of flaky sea salt and pepper and a squirt of fresh lime juice.

Step 5

Put an egg on it! I love to top my avocado toast with a fried egg for extra protein. You can do a poached egg or scrambled egg if you prefer.

Step 6

Top with finely diced cilantro and crumbled goat cheese.

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