Beef & Onion Pie

Stargazy's Beef and Onion Pie, as seen on Big Food Bucket List.
20 min
45 min
8 small pies or 1 large pie.

The combination of a flaky-cased beef pie, mashed potato and vividly green parsley liquor is comfort food that will have you dreaming about this meal long after you’ve eaten it.

Courtesy of Stargazy’s in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.



Beef & Onion Pie Crust

ounce cold butter, diced
ounce all-purpose flour
tbsp salt
tbsp iced water
egg, beaten and reserved for pie construction

Beef & Onion Pie Filling

lb(s) lean ground beef
onion, diced
tbsp flour
cup red wine
cup beef/meat broth
tsp cracked black pepper
cup Worcestershire sauce
Salt, to flavour


large russet potatoes, peeled and cut
ounce butter
cup milk, heated
Salt and white pepper

Parsley Liquor

tbsp flour
tbsp butter
qt cold water
Malt vinegar, to taste
Maldon sea salt
White pepper
bunch curly parsley, fresh-picked


Step 1

Make the crust, combine flour and salt in a large bowl, then add the butter. Toss to coat with flour.

Step 2

With your hands or a food processor, work the butter into the flour, tossing and incorporating any pieces of butter that may have settled at the bottom of the bowl. Work the mix until butter pieces are no larger than a pea.

Step 3

Drizzle water over butter and flour mixture and work the dough until it holds together when pinched. Add more water if the dough is very dry. Knead the dough gently for a very short time, or just until it’s smooth and the butter is incorporated.

Step 4

For the filling, brown the meat and onions. Throw in a small amount of flour – just enough to lightly coat the meat.

Step 5

Deglaze with red wine, then add broth, pepper, and Worcestershire.

Step 6

Simmer gently for up to an hour, then season with salt. Set aside for pie assembly.

Step 7

To assemble meat pies, roll out dough to ⅛-inch and line the bottom of 8 small or one large pie tin.

Step 8

After the filling has cooled, fill pie tins to just below the rim. Use a spray bottle or brush to moisten the rim with water before laying the top dough crust on top. Cut around the edge of rim with a sharp knife.

Step 9

The edges of large pies should be crimped but that is not necessary on individual ones.

Step 10

Scraps of dough can be used to make little decorations. Brush top of pie with beaten egg, then chill in the fridge for an hour.

Step 11

When the dough is firm again, place in a 450ºF degree oven for 10 minutes or until golden brown, then turn the heat down to 375ºF, and cook another 10 mins for individual, or 20 minutes for a large pie. (Large pies should have a couple of vent holes cut in them with a knife. This is not necessary for the individual ones.)

Step 12

Make the mashed potatoes, bring potatoes to the boil in salted water.

Step 13

Heat milk and butter together.

Step 14

When potatoes are soft, mash with a hand masher. You can use your preferred method, such as a food mill, if you prefer them smooth, however, a few lumps are desirable.

Step 15

Start with making a light roux with the flour and butter.

Step 16

Whisk in a quart (32 fl. oz) of cold water and bring to a simmer.

Step 17

Add a few generous shakes of malt vinegar, and blend with picked parsley in a blender until almost completely smooth – you should see very small flecks of green. Be careful to start the blender on the lowest setting when dealing with hot liquid.

Step 18

Add Maldon sea salt to season, and a little more vinegar if you feel it could use a touch more acid.

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