Berry Blast Chocolate Truffles

  • serves 24
Anna Olson
Anna Olson Sugar

Simple truffles with a hint of raspberry.

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Directions for: Berry Blast Chocolate Truffles


Berry Blast Chocolate Truffles

8 oz white chocolate, chopped

1 oz pink coating chocolate (found at specialty cake stores or bulk stores)

½ cup unsalted butter

2 bag raspberry tea


5 oz semi sweet chocolate, chopped and melted


Berry Blast Chocolate Truffles

1. Melt chocolates, butter and tea bags over a pot of barely simmering water, stirring until melted. Squeeze out tea bags gently and discard. Cool mixture to room temperature, then beat with a whisk to make a little fluffy, then cool in the fridge for about an hour before making truffles.

2. Cold hands are good for this task (run your hands under cold water for a minute, if needed). Spoon small teaspoonfuls of chocolate filling and roll into balls. Place on a baking tray and freeze for 30 minutes. Dip truffles in melted chocolate (using a toothpick) and place on a clean tray. Once the coating is set, dust with icing sugar or cocoa powder.


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