Bloody Caesars

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This bloody caesar recipe is a classic cocktail with a twist! The horseradish adds a bit more tang and gives the drink more bite. Garnish with cooked shrimp and enjoy!

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Directions for: Bloody Caesars


Bloody Caesars

2 Tbsp celery salt

2 Tbsp oregano

4 to 6 oz. or shots of your favourite vodka

1 L can or bottle of Clamato juice

Lots of ice

3 Tbsp horseradish

Dash hot sauce

Dash Worcestershire sauce

Dash olive oil

Fancy Garnish

4 long sprigs of fresh oregano

4 artful lemon wedges

4 grilled shrimp skewers

4 celery stalks with leaves if possible

4 parsley sprigs

Other assorted frills and fancies


Bloody Caesars

1. Begin by rimming the glasses. Mix the celery salt and oregano together in a small saucer or side plate. Moisten the rims of 4 cocktail glasses and dip and roll them into the spices to coat. Fill with ice.

2. Pour the vodka and Clamato juice into a large pitcher and add horseradish, hot sauce, Worcestershire, olive oil and oregano. Blend with an immersion blender and pour into prepared glasses. Alternatively blend in a food processor or stand blender or simply whisk or stir. A thorough blending not only mixes the works but emulsifies the oil giving the drink a luscious texture.

Fancy Garnish

1. Playfully garnish the glasses with the remaining ingredients and your imagination! The more outlandish the better!

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