Braised Eggplant in Miso

  • prep time5 min
  • total time 10 min
  • serves

Courtesy of Chef Curtis Luk of The Parker Restaurant.

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Directions for: Braised Eggplant in Miso



¼ cup ginger, roughly chopped

½ cup mirin

¼ cup rice wine

¼ cup soy sauce

1 cup water

⅓ cup red miso

1 tsp rice wine vinegar

¼ cup sugar


4 large Japanese eggplants, cut into large batons

1 cup oil


shoestring potatoes, fried

pickled bell peppers

scallions, sliced thinly on the bias

cilantro leaves



1. Combine all ingredients, bring to a boil and allow to steep for half an hour. Strain out the solids.


1. Heat the cup of oil in a deep pan. It is ready when you dip a baton of eggplant into the oil and it sizzles vigorously, but before the oil smokes.

2. Fry the eggplant in the oil, turning occasionally until the eggplant is tender and completely cooked through.

3. Take the eggplant out of the oil and allow to drain in a colander for a few minutes. Pour the strained sauce into a container with the eggplant and allow to sit overnight.


1. To finish, please several batons for eggplant in a bowl. Skim some of the oil off the top of the sauce and pour some around the eggplant. Garnish with potatoes, bell pepper, scallions and cilantro.

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