Candy Corn Cheese Tower

30 min
10 - 12 servings

Tap into your inner sculptor and make some edible Halloween art with cheese — three different kinds to be exact! Together Cheddar, goat and a red wine and paprika-brushed Monterey Jack represent those iconic candy corn colors. Serve with several cheese knives and a bunch of your favorite crackers and watch this cheese tower disappear.



4 8-oz
rectangular blocks yellow cheese, preferably Cheddar
4 8-oz
rectangular blocks white cheese, preferably Monterey Jack
lb(s) goat cheese
tbsp red wine
tbsp paprika
Crackers, for serving



Special equipment: skewers, optional and a pastry brush

Step 1

Place 2 blocks of yellow cheese side by side on a cheese board. Press them together so they touch. Stack the remaining 2 blocks of yellow cheese on top of them. Stack the blocks of white cheese on top of the yellow in the same way. If desired, insert 2 skewers down through the top of the blocks to hold them together.

Step 2

Using a sharp knife, carve away the sides of the cheese blocks to resemble the bottom two-thirds of a piece candy corn. (You will add the white tip at the end using the goat cheese.) Reserve the cheese scraps for another use, such as queso sauce or grilled cheese sandwiches. After carving, remove the skewers from the tower if using. 

Step 3

Using your hands, mold the goat cheese into the tip of the candy corn and add it to the cheese stack. Shape it to a point using a butter knife or offset spatula. Whisk together the red wine and paprika in a small bowl and paint it onto the white cheese portion with a pastry brush. Serve with an array of crackers.

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