Cherry Cake Donut with Pink Peppercorn Buttercream Icing

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Recipe courtesy of Kathy Aldridge of Hot Cream Holes.

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Directions for: Cherry Cake Donut with Pink Peppercorn Buttercream Icing


2 cups all-purpose flour

½ cup white sugar

1 tsp salt

1 Tbsp baking flour

2 Tbsp butter, melted

½ cup milk

1 egg

1 cup maraschino cherries, chopped

1 tsp cherry extract

Pink Peppercorn Buttercream Icing

1 cup butter

2 tsp vanilla extract

4 - 5 cups icing sugar

¼ cup whipping cream (add more or less if needed)

ground pink peppercorns


1. Sift all dry ingredients together.

2. Mix butter, milk, eggs and extract together and combine with dry using a dough hook. Add cherries. Mix until dough pulls away from bowl.

3. Roll on floured surface to about ¼-inch thick. Cut with ring donut cutter.

4. Using oil at 375ºF, drop in donuts and cook for 2-3 minutes per side. Remove from oil and let cool on wire rack.

Pink Peppercorn Buttercream Icing

1. Beat butter, add vanilla. Alternating between icing sugar and whipping cream, beat until soft peaks form. Add ground peppercorns to taste.

2. When donuts are cool, pipe icing on top and garnish with a cherry!

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