Chocolate Brownie with Raspberries and White Chocolate Chips

Chocolate Brownie with Raspberries and White Chocolate Chips
20 min
30 min
9 servings

Guilt-less chocolate brownies bursting with fresh raspberries.

You will need: a square brownie tin (20cm wide x 5cm high), a hand held whisk, a fine grater or microplane, some measuring spoons, measuring spoons, a spatula, some parchment paper, a sieve, at least one big mixing bowl. Only 291 calories per slice.




heaped cup fresh raspberries
cup butternut squash, peeled and finely grated
3 ½
oz white chocolate, chopped into small chunks
cup ground almonds-ground almond powder
1 ¼
cup caster sugar
medium free range organic eggs
cup self-raising flour
cup Dutch Processed cocoa powder
tsp baking powder
tsp salt


Tbsp Dutch Processed cocoa powder


Step 1

Preheat the oven to 200C 400F conventional setting.

Step 2

Line your tin with parchment paper. A big square placed over the top is enough, if you then cut into each corner to make a neat pleat. It’s also a good idea to dot a tiny bit of oil on the base and sides to help the paper stick down.

Step 3

Beat the eggs and sugar in another mixing bowl (a big one is needed here) for 4-5 minutes until pale, fluffy and quadrupled in size- I mean big bouffon hairstyle for this one!

Step 4

Add the grated butternut squash and the flour, ground almond powder, cocoa powder, salt and baking powder. Beat until well incorporated.

Step 5

Pour half of this mixture into the prepared tin.

Step 6

Scatter over the raspberries as well as the chocolate chips.

Step 7

Cover this with the remaining brownie mixture. Place into the top of a hot oven for 20 minutes until just cooked.

Step 8

Cool in the tin for 20 minutes and sieve over a little cocoa sugar before cutting up and serving.

Step 9

Don’t be alarmed that the brownie is quite undercooked when it comes out of the oven. The 20 minutes’ cooling down time is just enough to set the cake to that perfect squidgy brownie-ness…

Step 10

By all means, swap the white chocolate for milk or dark if you would prefer. This will by no means tamper with the method for this recipe.

Step 11

Raspberries not in season! You can replace the fresh berries with 1/ 2 cup sugar-free raspberry jam, simply dollop the jam as you would spread the berries between the two layers.

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