Crock-Pot, Not-Ribs-Ribs with Basmati Rice and Caesar Salad

  • serves 4

Ease of Preparation: Easy
Prep Time: 15 minutes

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Directions for: Crock-Pot, Not-Ribs-Ribs with Basmati Rice and Caesar Salad


Crock Pot, Not-Ribs-Ribs with

1 jar VH Honey-Garlic Sauce (341 ml / 12 oz)

½ cup ketchup

½ tsp Cayenne Pepper

2 lb(s) (900 g) Lean Thick Beef Sirloin Steak

1 ½ cup Basmati Rice

3 cup water

1 heads Romaine Lettuce

Choice #1: Easy Light Caesar D

3 Tbsp Gourmet Caesar Salad Dressing Mixed with......

3 Tbsp Lowest Fat Mayonnaise (Mega flavour but lower fat)

Grating a little Parmesan or cheddar on top is a really nice touch for appearance and taste

½ cup Croutons

2 Tbsp Bacon Bits

Choice #2: Dressing

1 Caesar Salad Kit (Optional)


Crock Pot, Not-Ribs-Ribs with

1. The night before: Combine honey-garlic sauce, ketchup and spice in the center crock of the crock pot; stir to combine.

2. Take out equipment and ingredients.

3. Cut steak into long chunky pieces approx 3" long and the same width as the thickness of the steak.

4. Place in the crock pot as you cut. Stir the meat and sauce together.

5. Cover and let stand in fridge overnight.

6. In the morning: Plug the slow cooker in and set on low heat.

7. When you arrive home at dinner time: Combine rice and water in a large microwave-safe pot.

8. Cover and microwave at high 10 minutes, then medium 10 minutes.

Choice #1: Easy Light Caesar D

1. Meanwhile: Tear lettuce into bite size pieces directly into salad spinner.

2. Rinse, spin dry and transfer to salad bowl or salad spinner bowl. Blend dressing with mayonnaise in a coffee mug.

3. Drizzle dressing over lettuce and toss leaves until evenly coated. Add dressing only to lettuce that will be eaten right away as lettuce wilts quickly once dressing is added.

4. Add croutons and bacon bits to salad bowl.

Choice #2: Dressing

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