Crunchy Sunflower-Butter, Bacon and Banana Pinwheels

  • prep time10 min
  • total time 10 min
  • serves 1

What would Elvis do if he couldn't have peanut butter on his favorite PB-bacon-banana sandwich? Bet he'd say "Thank you very much" for these compact little pinwheels made with a perfect substitute: sunflower butter. Save a few pieces of bacon from brunch on Sunday, and you'll need just 10 minutes on a busy school morning to wrap and roll a snack that does The King proud.

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Directions for: Crunchy Sunflower-Butter, Bacon and Banana Pinwheels


1 tsp honey

¼ cup freeze-dried banana slices, roughly chopped, plus 6 slices whole

1 9" flour tortilla wrap

3 Tbsp sunflower butter

2 slices cooked bacon, chopped


1. Put the wrap on a work surface, and spread the sunflower butter to the edges. Drizzle the honey on top, and spread to the edges. Sprinkle the chopped bananas and bacon evenly on top, almost to the edges.

2. Roll the wrap up tightly, then squeeze it gently to make an even, tightly sealed log. Trim about 1 inch from each end (to discard or nibble on), then slice the roll into six 1-inch-wide pinwheels. Set them in a small airtight container, a cut-side up; lay a whole banana slice on top of each one; then seal the container tightly. The pinwheels should be served the day they're made.

Tips and Substitutions

Yields 6 pinwheels (1 snack serving).

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