Dungeness Crab Pasta and Chili

  • prep time15 min
  • total time 25 min
  • serves 2

Recipe courtesy of Chef David Hawksworth of Hawksworth Restaurant.

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Directions for: Dungeness Crab Pasta and Chili


200 g pasta, cooked al dente

½ red chili, minced

75 mL white wine

75 mL white wine

4 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil

6 leaves basil, torn

6 leaves flat leaf parsley

2 heaping tsp Dungeness crab

3 Tbsp San Marzano tomato, chopped

1 clove organic garlic, sliced as thinly as possible

¼ onion, minced

kosher salt

crushed black pepper


1. Sauté the onion until soft with no colour with half the olive oil. Add the garlic, chili and tomato and deglaze with white wine.

2. Warm the pasta in water and strain. Add to the pan. Add the remaining olive oil, crab and herbs.

3. Season to taste and serve.

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