French Toast Sticks

  • prep time15 min
  • total time 15 min
  • serves 4

This is a great recipe to help get your kids involved in cooking. Have them crack and beat the eggs and mix the dip too! A fun breakfast idea that you can eat with your hands!

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Directions for: French Toast Sticks


French Toast Sticks

2 eggs, beaten

¼ cup (50mL) Smucker’s Simple Blends™ Fieldberry Fruit Spread

2 Tbsp (30mL) milk

1 tsp (5mL) vanilla extract

4 slices of bread, crusts removed and cut into 4 sticks

Butter for frying

Icing sugar for garnish, optional


¼ cup (50mL) plain yogurt

1 Tbsp (15mL) Smucker’s® Simple Blends™ Fieldberry Fruit Spread



French Toast Sticks

1. Combine eggs, fruit spread, milk and vanilla in shallow bowl. Melt butter over medium heat in large skillet. Dip bread “sticks” into egg mixture and fry on all sides, about 1-2 minutes or until brown and crispy. Garnish with icing sugar if using and serve with dip.


1. Combine ingredients in small bowl. Set aside.


1. Cut down on prep time - these can be made ahead on the weekend and frozen. For a quick weekday breakfast, prepare recipe as above, but do not cut bread into strips. Freeze cooked french toast, reheat in the toaster, then cut into strips and they’re ready!

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