Gingerbread Martini

  • serves 1

Need a little extra holiday cheer? Look no further than this sweet little orange-spice cocktail. It’ll have you singing carols in no time. But consider yourself warned: it’s hard to stop at just one.

Courtesy of DAVIDsTEA.

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Directions for: Gingerbread Martini


1 Perfect Spoonful (2 1/2 teaspoons) gingerbread tea

½ cup hot water (96ºC/206ºF)

2 oz gin

½ oz Grand Marnier

½ oz evaporated milk

orange twist (to serve)


1. In a 18 oz steeper combine gingerbread tea and hot water. Steep for 5 minutes and let cool to room temperature.

2. In a martini shaker, combine gin, Grand Marnier, evaporated milk, ice cubes, and 2 oz (1/4 cup) of steeped tea.

3. Shake and serve in a chilled martini glass. Garnish with an orange twist.

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