Ham and Bean Soup in a Crock-Pot with Rustic Bread

  • prep time20 min
  • total time 80 min
  • serves 4


60 Ratings
Directions for: Ham and Bean Soup in a Crock-Pot with Rustic Bread


1 ½ lb(s) lb or 675 g boneless smoked ham

3 ½ cup Vegetable broth (3 1/2 cups or 900 mL)

1 cup 1 cup water

10 10 baby potatoes I like red the best.

1 1 onion

3 3 carrots

1 stalks 1 stalk celery

1 can 1 can white kidney beans (19oz or 540 mL)

1 can 1 can chick peas (19oz or 540 mL)

1 tsp 1 tsp Mrs. Dash Original seasoning

Pepper to taste

2 leaves 1 or 2 bay leaves

1 loaf 1 loaf of multigrain bread


1. The night before….
Cut ham into bite size pieces and place in center crock of the crock-pot.

2. Add vegetable broth and water to pot.

3. Wash then cut potatoes in half and add to pot.

4. Finely chop onion and add to pot.

5. Cut carrots and celery and add to pot.

6. Partially drain kidney beans and chick peas and add to pot.

7. Add spices and a bay leaf (or two if they’re really small).

8. Stir to combine.

9. Cover and place center crock in fridge overnight.

10. Place center crock back into slow cooker and set at low.

11. Soup is ready in 6-8 hours.

Just before dinner, set oven to 350º F…

12. When oven is the right temperature, turn it off and toss bread in to warm.

13. Serve soup in individual bowls and enjoy!

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