Homemade Butter

Out of butter? No problem – make your own! Use this simple recipe to make smooth and creamy butter for your kitchen or table.



Table Butter

litre whipping cream
sea salt (optional)

Orange Honey Butter

cup butter, at room temperature
tbsp orange zest
honey, to taste


Step 1

Using a food processor, blend the cream on high speed until it thickens, and then separates into fat and liquid (about 8 minutes).

Step 2

Remove the blade and scoop out the butter (you can discard the liquid or use it as buttermilk in other recipes). Place the bowl of soft butter into a bowl of ice water and squeeze out any excess liquid with your hands (or you can place the butter in cheesecloth and squeeze it out while in the cold water.

Step 3

If you wish, add salt to taste for table butter or for and orange honey butter, measure a cup of butter and beat in the orange zest and honey.

Step 4

Store the butter refrigerated for up to a month.

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