Laura Calder's Quiche

  • serves 6

Customize your quiche with your fillings of choice.

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Directions for: Laura Calder's Quiche


1 tart shell, preferably baked, although it is not necessary

Filling of your choice (see below for ideas)

5 eggs (3 eggs and 2 egg yolks)

1 cup milk or milk and cream

salt and pepper to season


1. A few suggested quiche fillings: Sauteed fennel, crumbled blue cheese, and toasted walnuts. Crumbled bacon and grated Swiss cheese. Leftover ratatouille and Parmesan.

2. Layer the filling ingredients of your choice in the pastry shell. Mix the eggs and milk together and season the mixture with salt and pepper. Pour it over the filling. Bake the tart at 350°F/160°C to 375°F/190°C for 25 minutes until the filling is set.

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