Malpeque Oysters Appetizer

  • serves 18
Stacey Metulynsky
Stacey Metulynsky


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Directions for: Malpeque Oysters Appetizer


2 cup crushed ice (500 ml)

18 fresh Malpeque oysters, cleaned and shucked (see method)

2 lemons, wedged

Tabasco sauce, to taste


1. Place crushed ice in a large serving bowl.

2. To prepare oysters: for oysters to be served on the half shell they should be thoroughly scrubbed under cold running water. Use a brush to remove all dirt and sand.

3. Hold the oyster on its side in a towel to prevent slippage. Insert the point of an oyster knife into the shell’s hinge. Use one end of the side towel to hold the oyster steady as the knife is pushed further into the shell. Twist the knife to pop the shell open.

4. Carefully scrape the oyster meat from the top of the shell. Discard top shell. Use the knife tip to loosen the meat from the bottom shell ensuring the liquid in the shell of the fresh oyster remains. Place the oyster on a bed of chipped or shaved ice to keep the shell level and prevent the loss of the liquid.

5. Place lemon wedges on the ice between oyster shells. Have Tabasco on hand for guests to add at their own discretion.

6. Serve immediately.

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