Mama Jama

  • serves 4

This takes peanut butter and jelly to a whole new level! Layered bread and strawberry jam coated in a decadent batter and fried. Served with homemade whipped peanut butter dip!

Courtesy of Anthony Tsavdaris of Murrays Sandwich Emporium

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Directions for: Mama Jama


Whipped Peanut Butter Dip

2 cup crunchy peanut butter

½ cup whipping cream

Mama Jama

1 jar strawberry jam

8 slices white bread

2 tall cans of your favourite cream ale (beer)

1 cup flour

2 Tbsp icing sugar

Whipped Peanut Butter Dip


Whipped Peanut Butter Dip

1. Dump peanut butter and whipping cream into a bowl.

2. Whisk the ingredients until desired creaminess is met. Approximately 7-10 minutes depending on the size of your biceps.

Mama Jama

1. Spread Jam on one side of each slice of bread.

2. Assemble your bread one on top of each other, jam facing down.

3. Cut the crust off the 4 assembled sandwiches.

4. Cut each sandwich into 4 strips.

5. Mix ale (beer), flour, and icing sugar into a bowl until a pancake batter consistency is reached.

6. Dip and fully coat the first strip of bread into the batter and drop into a deep fryer (or a pot of hot oil). Repeat this step with remaining slices of bread.

7. Cook till a nice golden brown and place on serving tray.

8. Sprinkle with leftover icing sugar and served with whipped peanut butter dip.

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