Martine's Flambéed Bananas

  • prep time10 min
  • total time 25 min
  • serves 4
Ricardo Larrivée
Ricardo Larrivée Ricardo and Friends

This quick and easy dessert from Ricardo is the perfect finish to a spicy meal.

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Directions for: Martine's Flambéed Bananas


1 cup dark brown sugar

½ cup water

1 Tbsp salted butter

3 ripe bananas, cut diagonally into thirds

¼ cup dark rum

1 Tbsp vanilla extract

Grated nutmeg to taste


1. Place the brown sugar, water and butter in a skillet. Bring to a boil while stirring. Boil over high heat for about 5 minutes. Add the bananas and continue cooking, occasionally spooning syrup over the bananas, until the syrup starts to caramelize. (Don't let the syrup get too thick.) Add the rum and flambé if desired. Add the vanilla and nutmeg to taste. Serve with vanilla ice cream.

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