Meat and Veggie Rolls

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You control how much or how little you want in these simple meat and veggie rolls.

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Directions for: Meat and Veggie Rolls


Roast Beef Roll


slivered carrot

slivered cucumber

green onion

Dip: Thai dipping sauce

Greek Roll


olive spread or tapenade

spinach leaves


Dip: Tzatziki or Greek yogurt dressing

Italian Roll

Mortadella or Proscuitto

Provolone cheese

Roasted pepper slivers (either home made or purchased at your local deli counter)

Fresh basil leaves

Dip: Olive oil and balsamic blend or dressing



Roast Beef Roll Greek Roll Italian Roll Assembly

1. Lay a thin piece of meat down and fill with veggies, herbs and/or cheese.

2. Tuck the ends of the meat in as you roll them up and pierce with a toothpick.

3. Bring dips to correspond with the different varieties.

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