Michael Smith's Homemade Ketchup

  • prep time15 min
  • total time 60 min
  • serves 10
Michael Smith
Michael Smith Chef at Home

Skip the overly sweet processed stuff and make your own ketchup!

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Directions for: Michael Smith's Homemade Ketchup


1 can chopped tomatoes (28 oz)

1 can tomato paste (small)

1 large chopped onion

1 cup red wine vinegar

½ cup sugar

½ cup olive oil

2 spoonfuls nutmeg (heaping)

2 pinch ground allspice

2 bay leaves (or 3)

a sprinkle or two of salt and pepper


1. Pour everything into a sauce pot and bring to a simmer over medium heat. Continue cooking until the mixture reduces by half, about 45 minutes. Puree until smooth with an immersion blender or in a stand blender or food processor.

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