Moose Ravioli

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Hugue Dufour
Hugue Dufour


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Directions for: Moose Ravioli


Ravioli Pasta Dough

3 cup semolina (or thin flour)

5 eggs



2.2 lbs moose meat: liver, heart and minced moose meat (mainly meat)

2 eggs

1 lb(s) ricotta

200 g grated parmesan

1 oz olive oil

3 cloves of garlic


Reduced stock (from spare ribs or moose shank)

½ cup dried tomatoes

½ cup raw foie gras, in cubes

6 egg yolks




Ravioli Pasta Dough

1. Mix all ingredients together. Make a ball of pasta dough and set aside.


1. Cook the heart, liver and minced moose. Set aside to cool. Mix together with remaining ingredients.

2. Roll out pasta dough (1/10 inch thick and long enough to cover the entire mould)

3. Lay the dough across the bottom of the ravioli mould. Fill with stuffing, and moisten the edges with water. Cover with second layer of pasta dough.

4. To ensure the two layers of pasta dough stick together, roll over them a few times with the rolling pin.


1. In the mixer, combine the stock with the egg yolks. Sauté the dried tomatoes and cubes of foie gras in butter, and add to the sauce.


1. Place the cooked pasta in a large round of parmesan. Cover with the sauce and shake well, rubbing against the bottom of the round of parmesan.

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