Pan-Grilled Scallops on Green Gazpacho

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Succulent scallops on a chilled green soup, you'll love this simple dish!

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Directions for: Pan-Grilled Scallops on Green Gazpacho


Green Gazpacho

4 Lebanese cucumbers (OR 1/2 English Cucumber), in small dice

3 tomatillos, if tinned, quarter them. If fresh, cut in small dice

3 green onions, cut in fine dice

1 clove garlic

A small handful of fresh cilantro

¼ cup olive oil

A pinch of coarse salt

A grinding of cracked black pepper

juice of 2 whole limes

Grilled Scallops

5 sea scallops

A pinch of coarse salt

A dash of pepper

Canola Oil to line the pan


Green Gazpacho

1. Cut cucumbers in strips, leaving the skin on. Then, finely dice.

2. Pop into a mixing bowl.

3. Dice green onions. Add to bowl.

4. Remove sheath from fresh tomatillos and slice into small cubes the size of your cucumber. Add to bowl.

5. Take a fresh clove of garlic. Remove skin and mince finely. Add.

6. Add olive oil, salt, black pepper and lime juice. Stir to combine and allow flavours to blend.

Grilled Scallops

1. Score scallops with small knife in checkerboard (for nice ‘browning look’ after it’s seared)

2. In a hot pan, add enough canola oil to line the pan. Add a little drizzle of olive oil and a last dusting of salt and pepper and sear the scallops on both sides till just barely cooked through, about 30 seconds each side. They should just lose their translucent colour.

3. Serve up by placing your scallop shells on a platter. Place a dollop of the gazpacho on each shell and top with a single seared scallop, then add an extra dollop of olive oil to top.

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