Panchphoran Aloo (Potatoes In Whole Spices)

  • serves 4


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Directions for: Panchphoran Aloo (Potatoes In Whole Spices)


900 g potatoes peeled

vegetable oil

½ tsp turmeric

½ tsp red chili, powder

½ tsp fenugreek, seeds

½ tsp Nigella seeds (Black Onion Seeds)

½ tsp black mustard, seeds

½ tsp white cumin, seeds

½ tsp fennel, seeds

3 Tbsp fresh chopped coriander


1. Slice the potatoes into 1/2 cm rounds, then dice these further into small, evenly-sized cubes. Using a wok or other non-stick pan, take the minimum amount of oil needed and fry these cubed potatoes over a high heat to start with and then turn the heat down and cover. When the potatoes are a little more than half done, add the turmeric, red chili powder and some salt, closely followed by the whole spices, mixed together. Stir to combine and put the lid back on once again. When the potatoes are nearly ready land you will have to be vigilant to ensure they don’t get too soft), take the lid off, turn the heat up and stir-fry to enable any excess liquid to evaporate.

2. Garnish with fresh coriander and serve.

3. From: How To Eat by Nigella Lawson
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