Perfect Iced Tea

Perfect Iced Tea
4 servings

I love my iced tea, and I always have a pitcher of homemade iced tea in my fridge in the summertime. This technique brews an ice tea that has absolutely no bitter edge to it.Photo by Michael Olson.



cup water
black tea bags (you can use one plain and one flavoured, if you wish)
sugar or honey (optional)
cirtus slices (optional)
mint (optional)
berries (optional)
sliced peaches (optional)
sliced cucumber (optional)


Step 1

Bring 2 cups of water up to a full roiling boil. Pour the water over the tea bags in a pitcher and let sit, without stirring, until cooled to room temperature. If pouring the water into glass pitcher, drop in a large metal spoon and pour the hot water over the spoon to absorb the heat and prevent the pitcher from cracking.

Step 2

Remove the tea bags without squeezing and add the remaining 2 cups of cold water. Sweeten and garnish as desired and serve over plenty of ice.

Step 3

Makes 4 cups.

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