Pulled Pork Sandwich, Mac and Cheese, and Red Cabbage and Green Apple Slaw

  • serves 12

This full main dish includes delicious pulled prok sandwiches topped with a smoked BBQ sauce, a side of red cabbage and green apple slaw, and macaroni and cheese coated with breadcrumbs.

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Directions for: Pulled Pork Sandwich, Mac and Cheese, and Red Cabbage and Green Apple Slaw


Mac and Cheese

1 L 2% milk, plus more if needed

¼ Tbsp unsalted butter

⅔ cup plain white flour

650 g white (unprocessed) cheddar

1 cup Panko breadcrumbs

600 g macaroni noodles, cooked until al dente

Red Cabbage and Green Apple Sl

½ red cabbage, shaved

3 Granny Smith apples, julienned

leaves from 2 bunches of tarragon

⅓ cup white sugar

1 cup white vinegar

2-3 cups vegetable oil

salt to taste

Smoked BBQ Sauce

10 medium tomatoes, cut in halves

20 whole habanero peppers

10 clove garlic, peeled

12 shallots, peeled

white sugar to taste

white vinegar to taste

salt to taste

Pulled Pork Sandwich

hickory wood chips

water for soaking chips

½ pork butt


Smoked BBQ Sauce

Red Cabbage and Green Apple Slaw

Mac and Cheese


Mac and Cheese

1. In non-reactive pot, melt butter.

2. Add flour to melted butter and cook mixture thoroughly until it begins to have a nutty smell.

3. Slowly add milk to pot, while whisking to combine thoroughly. Continue to stir while bringing mixture to a boil.

4. Once boiled, cook out mixture for roughly one minute.

5. Remove from heat, add 2/3 of grated cheese and mix through.

6. Add cooked pasta to sauce, stirring to coat pasta.

7. Place mixture in a lightly buttered baking dish and sprinkle top with remaining cheese and panko.

8. Place in over under broiler until golden brown. Remove from oven and serve as a side with pulled pork sandwiches.

Red Cabbage and Green Apple Sl

1. Place vinegar, tarragon, and sugar in blender and puree on high. Slowly add as much oil as needed until mixture is emulsified.

2. Add salt to taste and store in airtight container until ready to use.

3. Combine shaved cabbage and julienned apple together in bowl. Dress liberally with tarragon dressing without drowning slaw.

4. Serve slaw as side with pulled pork sandwiches.

Smoked BBQ Sauce

1. Heat smoker to 275 Farenheit; placed soaked hickory chips in smoker hot box.

2. Place tomato halves, peppers, garlic, and shallots in smoker and smoke for a minimum for 4 hours.

3. Remove ingredients from smoker, being careful to save the juice from tomatoes.

4. Purée all ingredients in a blender until smooth, and add to a non-reactive pot.

5. Heat sauce over medium heat, adding sugar, vinegar, and salt gradually to obtain a balance of heat, sweetness, sourness, and saltiness.

6. Will make enough for 12+ pork buns, plus extra,

Pulled Pork Sandwich

1. Heat smoker to 215-230 Farenheit.

2. Soak hickory chips in cold water for 30 minutes.

3. Trim excess fat off pork butt.

4. Place chips in smoker hot box.

5. Smoke pork for 1-1 ½ hours per pound, adding hickory chips to hot box as needed.

6. When pork is cooked, the meat should fall apart easily.

7. Pull pork apart and mix BBQ sauce through meat.

8. Toast bun and serve sauced pork in bun with sides of slaw and mac and cheese.

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