• serves 8-10

This dish is an Salvadorian feast! Pupusas filled with refried beans, ground pork, cheese and Loroco filling, and served with salsa and Salvadorian coleslaw.

Equipment needed: Food processor, grinder, blender and grater

Courtesy of Kathleen Lipinsky of EE Burritos

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Directions for: Pupusas



4 cup corn flour

1 cup water


Refried Beans

1 cup uncooked beans (small red or black), cleaned and soaked in water overnight

1 onion, quartered

2 fingers cilantro

½ green pepper, seeded

3 clove garlic

3 cup water

½ cup lard

½ cup onion, diced

Ground Pork Mixture

1 ½ cup pork shoulder and pork belly

2 onions

4 clove garlic

½ cup water

2 tomatoes

1 green pepper

1 red pepper


Cheese and Loroco Filling

3 cup Mozzarella or Monterey Jack cheese

1 cup chopped Loroco

⅓ cup finely chopped onion


Salvadorian Coleslaw

1 shredded cabbage

1 grated carrot

½ cup cider vinegar

salt and pepper


jalapeno chili pepper


2 lb(s) tomatoes

1 green pepper

2 clove garlic

1 onion

1 tsp oregano


salt and pepper to taste

sugar (optional - add if the tomato sauce is acidic)


1 Tbsp oil

Dough (see recipe)

1 cup Refried Beans (see recipe)

1 cup Ground Pork Mixture (see recipe)

1 cup Cheese and Loroco Filling (see recipe)

1 cup Salvadorian Coleslaw (see recipe)

1 cup Salsa (see recipe)



1. For each cup of corn flour slowly add water, and knead for 3 minutes or until dough is smooth with no lumps.

2. Let dough rest for 30 minutes.

Refried Beans

1. Add all ingredients (except lard and onion) to large pot on the stove.

2. Boil mixture for approximately 1 hour or until the beans are cooked through and water is absorbed.

3. Empty the mixture into a food processor or mash by hand.

4. Place a skillet over medium heat and add lard.

5. When melted, add onion and cook until caramelized.

6. Add the pureed bean mixture and stir frequently until the lard has been fully absorbed.

Ground Pork Mixture

1. Bake the pork with onion sliced in quarters, garlic and water in a 325 degree Fahrenheit oven for approximately 2 hours or until cooked through.

2. Once cooked, grind pork with 2 tomatoes, green pepper, red pepper, onion, and salt to taste.

Cheese and Loroco Filling

1. Finely shred the cheese.

2. Wash Loroco well and blanch with hot water.

3. Drain water from Loroco.

4. Add cheese and onion and mix well.

Salvadorian Coleslaw

1. Place the cabbage and carrots in a container and blanch with boiling water. Let stand for 15 minutes.

2. Drain off ½ of the water and stir in vinegar.

3. Add salt, pepper, oregano, and jalapeño chili pepper to taste.

4. Leave it to sit overnight.

5. Note: Coleslaw to be served on top of or with the Pupusa.


1. Add all ingredients (except salt, pepper and sugar) into a blender and puree.

2. Place mixture in a pot and boil for approximately half hour or until the tomatoes are cooked.

3. Season with salt and pepper and add sugar if needed.


1. Coat hands with oil and knead dough until it is manageable and will not stick to your hands.

2. Take a portion of dough and roll into a ball, pat between your hands and make a pancake shape.

3. In the centre of the dough disc place 1 tablespoon of each filling (refried beans, ground pork and cheese).

4. Bring the sides of the dough together once again forming a ball.

5. Pat the ball shape between your hand forming a pancake shape.

6. Place on a hot plate or non-stick pan and cook on both sides.

7. When the centre begins to inflate and is a golden colour the Pupusa is ready (approximately 6-9 minutes per side depending on the thickness of the Pupusa).

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