Quebec Duck Poutine

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Directions for: Quebec Duck Poutine



2 large Kennebec potatoes

100 g cheese curds

250 mL Duck Gravy (see below)

2 eggs

50 g green onions, chopped

Stock and Duck Gravy

1 kg duck bones

1 large onion

1 carrot

2 stalks celery

2 cloves garlic

10 whole peppercorns



1. Blanch potatoes at 350ºF degrees for 25 minutes.

2. Cut potatoes into fries and crisp for 2.5 minutes.

3. In a pan, fry eggs sunny side up.

4. Build your dish, beginning with fries, then curds and Duck Gravy. Top with fried eggs and scallions.

Stock and Duck Gravy

1. Roast duck bones for 30 minutes in the oven.

2. Make broth with vegetables and bones for 4 hours. Reduce broth by half, strain and thicken with 1/2 cup cornstarch slurry.

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