Quinoa Black Lentil Soup

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Recipe by Doug DiPasquale, Holistic Nutritionist

The combination of grain and legume in this soup make it a vegetarian protein powerhouse. The black lentil, a unique, small dark bean is packed with nutrients including phosphorous, calcium, potassium, iron, molybdenum, zinc and the B vitamins. The quinoa, a South American high protein “grain” adds vitamin E to this mix, as well as providing more calcium, phosphorus and B vitamins. The contrast of the small dark lentils with the equally small light quinoa grains gives this soup the great visual effect that led to its interesting name.



cup dried organic black lentils, soaked overnight, drained and rinsed
cup dried organic quinoa, soaked overnight, drained and rinsed
cooking onions, diced
stalks celery, diced
carrots (unpeeled), diced
clove garlic, peeled and minced
Tbsp dried oregano
Tbsp dried basil
can organic tomato paste
Tbsp organic coconut oil
Unrefined sea salt to taste
Fresh cracked black pepper to taste
Enough filtered water to cover


Step 1

Heat a 10L pot on the stove top on medium-high heat. Once hot add coconut oil and melt it so that it covers the bottom of the pot. Add onions, unpeeled carrots and celery, stirring frequently.

Step 2

When vegetables have begun to brown (about 5 minutes), add tomato paste, allowing it to brown on the bottom of the pan. Stir well. After a minute or so, add a little water to the pot to keep the organic tomato paste from burning. Add garlic, organic black lentils (soaked overnight), organic quinoa (soaked overnight), salt and pepper. Pour in enough water so that it reaches 2 inches from the rim of the pot.

Step 3

Bring to a boil, stirring occasionally and skimming the white foam that will appear at the top of the pot.

Step 4

Once boiled, turn the pot down to a simmer (low heat). Add oregano and basil. Allow to simmer for an hour or so, stirring and occasionally checking the doneness of the beans. When beans are soft enough to fall apart easily when squeezed remove pot from heat.

Step 5

The consistency can be adjusted by adding more water if necessary. Add more unrefined sea salt if needed. Serve in bowls, sprinkling cilantro leaves on top as a garnish.

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