Samuel Adams Boston Lager-Infused Pizza Crust

Samuel Adams Boston Lager-Infused Pizza Crust
1h 15 min
10 min
2 servings

For a thicker crust, stretch to 12″ and cook on cookie sheet, pizza pan or pizza screen. For a thinner crust, stretch to 14″ and cook on cookie sheet, pizza pan or pizza screen. Recipe by Mark Bello and courtesy of Samuel Adams.



3 ½
cup (875 mL) unbleached all-purpose flour, plus more for dusting
pkg instant yeast (i.e. highly active or bread machine yeast)
Tbsp (15 mL) finely-granulated salt
Tbsp (15 mL) extra virgin olive oil, plus more for greasing your rising container and oiling your cookie sheet, pizza pan or screen
bottle (12 oz) Samuel Adams Boston Lager, warmed up to 120º-130ºF


Step 1

Warm the beer to 120º-130ºF (warming the beer properly means your yeast will activate properly). Warm the bottle in a bowl of very warm (not boiling water) or by running it under hot water from the tap. A thermometer insures success – if you don’t have one handy, the beer should feel very warm (not too hot) to the touch.

Step 2

In a 5-quart or larger bowl, combine flour, yeast, salt and oil.

Step 3

Add beer to flour mixture, and stir with a fork (not stirring with your hands just yet – it’s too sticky at first) until the dough is lumpy. Then, go in with your hands. The dough will now still be a little sticky, so gradually add flour as you knead* to the point that the finished dough should be just slightly tacky and elastic. To tell when the dough is done, periodically poke it and when the dough gently springs back after you poke it, it is done. Don’t worry if it is not perfectly smooth – don’t overknead it! *kneading: press down, push, fold, repeat.

Step 4

Your finished dough, if you have a scale, will weigh right around 2 pounds (30-34 oz.). Break into two equal pieces – use a scale or eyeball it.

Step 5

Ball each piece up and place each in a separate airtight container lightly greased with olive oil. Each container needs to be at least a quart in size to allow for each dough ball to double in size (deli quart containers work great for this).

Step 6

Set dough aside to rise in a warm location, about 70ºF-80F is good. After dough has expanded/up to doubled in size (about 1-2 hours), gently remove from container and stretch to fit on a lightly greased 12” or 14” cookie sheet, pizza pan or pizza screen.

Step 7

Dress according to which football team pizza you favor, and bake in a 500ºF preheated oven until your crust and toppings are to your desired doneness (about 10 to 15 minutes).

Step 8

Out of the oven, allow a few minutes to cool. Then cut, serve and enjoy.

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