Smoked Salmon Pops

  • serves 8
The Men of Man-Made
The Men of Man-Made


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Directions for: Smoked Salmon Pops


1 lb(s) smoked salmon slices (454 g)

1 bunch of fresh dill

24 10 inch long bread sticks


1. Take each bread stick and place a smoked salmon slice at one of the ends of the stick, about 1 inch from the top and start rolling it around. Before completing one circle, place a small sprig of fresh dill laying flat on top of the salmon but ensuring it peeks out so that it forms the center of the salmon flower that is being formed as you wrap the salmon around the end of the bread stick. Continue wrapping until the salmon slice is used up. Arrange the wrapped breadsticks on a serving platter or surrounding the smoked salmon spread.

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