The Irish Grasshopper

  • prep time3 min
  • total time 3 min
  • serves 1

All little bit of mint and a little bit of chocolate!

Recipe courtesy of Signe Langford.

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Directions for: The Irish Grasshopper


1 oz Irish whiskey

¾ oz creme de menthe

1 oz 18% cream or half and half

shaved dark chocolate for garnishing


1. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice then add the whiskey, crème de menthe and cream. Shake well and pour into a chilled martini glass. Easy garnish: shave some dark chocolate over the surface of the drink. For something a little bit snazzier, shave chocolate onto a plate, dampen the glass under cold water, then dip the rim of the glass into the chocolate. You can do this ahead and keep a supply of glasses in the fridge or freezer.

2. Tip: a vegetable peeler or micro planer does a good job shaving dark chocolate.

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